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Signature furniture by talented designers

Do you want to furnish yourself with a unique designer furniture piece ? discover the creations of our 2 French designers. The refined design of Eric Gizard, Paris magnifies the Scandinavian style on light natural wood and enhances it with muted and very trendy colors. Christophe Lecomte's designer furniture evolves between frames with straight lines and curved handles and drawers using the noble French species par excellence, oak and cherry.

Eric Gizard

Eric launches with EGEE a 100% French collection that is pure, beautiful, timeless and of astonishing but very deceptive simplicity.


The lines, dimensions and colors chosen for these multi-functional pieces of furniture completely correspond to today's new lifestyles. The 11 standard colors offered for each piece of furniture dress up its furniture with magnificent “short pants”. The top and base of each piece of furniture is coated with a white veil and a protective varnish. These characteristics involve masking each part of the furniture. Very precise work is required when finishing, particularly around the demarcations of bleached and colored areas.

Christophe Lecomte

With his STELLA collection, Christophe decides on a range that can use the most beautiful classic French essences. Its design evokes a connection of the past with the present. The structures seduce with their contemporary straight, rectangular or square shapes but the whole is softened with curves which add to the softness of the furniture. We find these attractive curves on drawers, doors or table surrounds

The user thus navigates very easily between a design full of emotion and a very functional designer piece of furniture with elegance and ergonomics as permanent benchmarks.

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