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The Story and values of Mon Petit Meuble Français
MON PETIT MEUBLE FRANCAIS officially starts in September 2018 with a magnificent vernissage-exhibition during Paris Design Week in Eric Gizard's gallery where the first pieces of the EGEE collection are presented.

For the record, 2 Eric(s) with a passion for French craftsmanship decided to combine their skills and launch a new designer furniture brand at a time when French furniture was beginning to be in very short supply. Since then, Le Petit Meuble has been developing new models every year, and still makes all its designs 100% in France.
ERIC GIZARD portrait
portrait of Eric Weiler CEO and founder of Mon Petit Meuble Français
drawing of a lving room with furniture
drawing of a chest of drawers, a seat and a mirror
Made in France logo
With MON PETIT MEUBLE FRANÇAIS we only offer exceptional design furniture with "signature" collections designed by great designers.

Our furniture is 100% made in France and finished only upon receipt of the order. They take a "premium" position in a furniture market that is overwhelmingly marked by standard imported products, in kit form, not very ecological and often unsustainable.
We are committed to:
we deliver furniture made with wood noble species: ash, oak and cherry. We only buy wood qualities 1 and 1+. The craftsmanship ensures the robustness and very long life of your furniture. The finishing is always done manually and piece by piece. By receiving furniture already assembled in the workshop by professionals, you will see the difference day after day with standard furniture purchased in series and delivered  "ready to assemble".

we have chosen to select French designers with different talents and sensitivities offering furniture with clean lines and highlighting the natural beauty of wood. Eric Gizard, with his EGEE collection, sublimates the furniture thanks to very fluid lines and a very beautiful palette of muted colors.
intérieur du secrétaire 90 cm avec passage de câbles
Fabrication de proximité
Image de Ivan Bandura
map of Mon Petit Meuble Français workshops
Proudly locally made to order
the wood comes from French forests. Headquarters, offices, manufacturing, finishing, storage and transportation are spread over less than 150 km. We only work with craftsmen from Mayenne and Ille-et-Vilaine.​

It takes less than 30 minutes to cover the distances between offices, stocks and showroom, manufacturing and finishing. Our cabinetmakers are divided between the departments of Ille et Vilaine and Mayenne.  This allows us to devote all our time to making your furniture, without jet lag or customs formalities. The quality is of course affected.  Sawmills and transporters are established  in the regions of Brittany and Pays de la Loire. All our wood comes from sustainably managed French forests. The designers work in Paris and Vendée

we offer several finishes and colors for each piece of furniture thanks to a configurator installed on the product sheet. If you would like other colours, we will develop your duplicate and have it approved for you before finishing your furniture. If our lines inspire you but you want different sizes or modifications, we also make custom-made furniture.​

our ecology is daily and pragmatic, we use solid wood and veneers from sustainably managed French forests. We use water-based "hydro" varnishes whenever we can. Proximity also reduces transport and minimizes CO2 emissions.
Finitions personnalisées
Personnalized meticulous finishing
11 standard colors are available for the EGEE collection. Just click on the colored circles next to the pictures to visualize them.​

Differences in colorimetry between screen may affect your perception of the real color. There is a also a difference between the color as you see it on your screen and this very same color once applied to your solid wood furniture.
If the color is always slightly different, we are committed to a very high quality finish with muted and very trendy colors.​

If you cannot find your favorite color among the colors offered, please contact us to let us know your wishes.​

Any support to specify your desire or project will be welcome: sketches, color charts, internet links, photos, pieces of wood or HTML code. If needed, we will develop a new color especially for your unique furniture.

When we match your color, we will do a first application test on wood and send it to your validation. The cost of this "countertype" is 100€ + taxes and shipping costs
finition d'un plateau de console bleu
Digital color chart