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TV units and benches in wood
designed in Paris and made by French craftsmen

Functions & Design of a TV cabinet

Indispensable in this age of ubiquitous screens, TV stands can be found in almost every home. However, they don't always serve the same purpose. A TV stand serves as a support on which to install your TV. Its main purpose is to be strong, attractive, stylish and easy to clean. Its main function is simply to raise the large screen by a few dozen centimetres. 

On the other hand, furniture with large "catch-all" drawers will house as many TV accessories as possible, so they don't get misplaced. You'll also find it easy to store other useful items: games, power strips, small crockery, placemats, etc...

Last but not least, TV cabinets with sliding doors are stylish and easy to use, with cable routing at the back and height-adjustable shelves.

Customize it and make it your own

Solid wood design TV stands, French craft

Choose the design you like, the colors you like and check the dimensions of the unit in relation to your TV and your room. This way, you'll have a piece of furniture customized to your needs and tastes. If you wish, we'll work with you to study modifications to dimensions or non-standard colors, provide you with a corresponding quote and create your 100% made-to-measure piece of furniture.

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