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Warranty and Care

Every single pice of furniture we provide is guaranteed for 3 years against any manufacturing, assembly or finish defect. ​

The entire manufacture of the furniture is carried out locally by selected best French craftsmen, of which we are sure. A quality control is done before each shipment.


Solid wood is very easy to maintain with a slightly damp cloth and does not like to be exposed near sources of heat or excessive humidity. Avoid strong direct exposure to UV rays (for example behind a bay window). Intensive use of cleaning products containing chemical agents is non recommended.


Solid wood is a natural, living and imperfect material, its colour and grain will vary slightly from piece to piece. That is why you definitively get a unique piece of furniture.  

We take great care in the visuals and pictures presented on our website. However, all colors remain indicative and may change according to the settings of the screens.  

During the lifetime of the warranty, all repairs or replacement of the piece will be free of charge for the customer. Transportation costs are yet still supported by the customer. 

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