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Furniture finishes: explanations and suggestions

The ÉGÉE collection is designed by Eric Gizard in a pure Scandinavian design. This artistic style is characterized by light shades and woods .

Mon Petit Meuble Français enforces this harmony by choosing to apply natural, slightly bleached stains to selected woods such as ash and oak. The beautiful grain of these 2 species remains clearly visible and underlines the quality of the wood pieces selected to manufacture our furniture pieces. 

This light stain on the wood also enhances an exquisite contrast to our 11 select colors for this collection.

cubes 11 couleurs 3.jpg
11-color cube

11 standard colors as a start

These 11 trendy colors are offered for every piece of furniture in the ÉGÉE collection and have been developed specifically for Mon Petit Meuble Français.

They propose an attractive contrast to the light wood tones and are applied to the ÉGÉE collection from the waistband to the knee of the furniture in a finish called "in short pants".

This colorful variation on Scandinavian style has been dubbed "south-Scandinavian". 

To receive a wood sample in the color of your choice, please use this form.



In addition to the 11 colors on offer, we can also produce a countertype of your preferred color.

Tell us the color you'd like to apply to your furniture from a color chart, a wood sample, a piece of fabric or even a photo, and we'll make a wood sample and send it to you for validation.

You'll then have your own unique piece of furniture, perfectly adapted to the finishes of your interior. The cost is €140.

Nuancier personnalisation meubles
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