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Personal office - design furniture for work in wood
designed in Paris, craft made in the French regions

The office, as a workroom, has evolved considerably in recent months.

We used to "go to the office", today we stay at home and work at our desk or telecommute, sometimes all week and often at least a few days a week. The workroom and the furniture on which we work use the same word "office". At home, however, there isn't necessarily room for a complete workroom, and telecommuting office furniture can be installed in the bedroom, dining room, living room or even a corridor or hallway. 

Office furniture should be adapted to personal taste, the atmosphere of the home and the space available. It should be designed, solid, durable and functional, so as to offer good working conditions every day, without disappointing or tiring.

How do you choose your personal desk ?

Depending on the length of your telecommuting week, the space you have to work in, or the computer and office equipment you need, your criteria for choice will differ.

Our office tables give you a chic, durable work area with a minimal footprint. Made entirely from solid wood, these designer tables can be multi-purpose. The oval and rectangular desks can be used as a console to hold bouquets, accessories or knick-knacks when you're not working on them, and you can also eat at 2 or 4 on our tables if you wish.

On the other hand, our secretaries will be used almost exclusively for work, with space for storage, a printer, a screen, pens, papers, etc...

Its "shell" also protects screens from excessive exposure to light. The secretary is ideal for comfortable daily and extended work, several days a week.

Design secretary desk in wood, 100% French craft

Customize your writing tables and your secretary desk

We offer a very wide range of possibilities so that you can have the "ideal" piece of designer wood furniture in your home. Once you've made your choice between a desk and a secretary, find the most beautiful of the 11 colors on offer, the shape of desk you prefer: oval, rectangular or square, and up to 12 possible lengths. If you'd like another dimension, just ask us.

Whatever your final configuration, we're sure you'll be happy with your beautiful, durable, French-designed desk in your own home!

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