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Design display cabinets in wood
craft made with wood from sustainably managed forests in the French regions

A designer wooden display case for a practical and durable storage

The showcases designed by Christophe Lecomte, a designer from Vendée, combine design and storage. The upper part allows you to display your most beautiful pieces and knick-knacks. The lower part lets you store all those useful but sometimes less artistic objects out of sight.

The grip is integrated into the handle, and the doors are mounted on shock-absorbing hinges for smooth closing.

The 2-door display cabinet, width 75 cm 29.5", can also be installed in rooms smaller than the living room, such as the entrance hall or kitchen.

The glass and wood shelves are adjustable on cleats. The wood (cherry or oak) comes from PEFC-certified, sustainably-managed French forests.

Customize your showcase

To match your interior color scheme, you can also choose other wood stains and colors, and contact us for finishes other than those shown on this page. 

If you have lots of items to display and would like a full-height glass display case, we can replace the wood panel on the lower door with a glass panel.

If you'd like to highlight your most beautiful knick-knacks, you can choose to illuminate your showcase by placing spotlights under the top shelf, or by gluing an LED strip to the back of the glass shelf for backlighting; let us know which you prefer!

For a more classic showcase or silver cabinet with all sides in glass, we recommend the MELANIE showcase by Maison GONTIER.

4-door Display cabinet in cherry wood
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