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Design coffee tables 100% solid wood
designed in Paris, craft made in French regions

Designer wooden coffee tables of all shapes

Placed in front of your sofa, our living room tables adapt to the use you wish to make of them and the space you have available. You can choose an oval bench table, a rectangular, round or square coffee table or a table with an interior niche to place your newspapers, magazines or remote controls.

Personalize your living room table with dimensions from 70 cm / 27.6" to 160 cm / 63.0".

Decide if you need a drawer or if you can do without one and to choose your finish, scroll through the 11 colors of the ÉGÉE collection by clicking on the color dots.

Prefer the whitened veining of ash or the slightly pink coloring of French cherry depending on your tastes and the atmosphere of your living room.

2 collections, 2 designers, 2 ways for different coffee tables 

Design solid wood round coffee table

Eric Gizard's refined design enhanced with a touch of color in a so-called "short breeches" finish will appeal to fans of Scandinavian design. The furniture in this collection is 100% solid wood from sustainably managed and PEFC certified French forests.

Christophe Lecomte's coffee table highlights straight lines softened by curves on the drawer with a more important storage function.

The 2 collections are made entirely in France by artisan cabinetmakers for very beautiful, unique and customizable furniture.

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