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Storage furniture pieces with doors and drawers
designed in Paris, made by French craftsmen

Our pieces with a storage function combine high quality and exceptional design

Storage contributes a lot to a comfortable, clean and chic home. The storage function can be in open niches, behind doors or inside drawers. On this page we offer you 3 possibilities with varied designs and customizable finishes. The drawers are mounted on “push-and-release” type slides for easy opening even with loaded arms. The hinged doors are equipped with hinges with shock absorbers for smooth closing. Storage with Mon Petit Meuble Français furniture is also sustainable with a 3-year guarantee and wood species from sustainably managed and PEFC-certified French forests, all of which is 100% made in France.

Customize your storage solution to make it unique

Scandinavian design cabinet storage unit with drawers

From large 220 cm sideboards for the dining room to small 80 cm cabinets for the entrance, kitchen or bedroom, ÉGÉE storage furniture is suitable for various spaces and layouts. If you require a size that is not included in the standard furniture, do not hesitate to contact us for a corresponding quote.

Choose your color with the 11 standard color dots shown on the product sheet or ask us for your favorite color. We will be happy to study with you the finish you want and achieve it. We make custom furniture regularly and will be happy to do it for you.

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