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Design secretary desks in wood
designed in Paris and craft made in the French regions

Le secrétaire, a perfect desk for work and storage on regular teleworking

Secretary furniture is experiencing a great resurgence of interest with the development of working from home and the need to have your own "corner" and to be able to close your work space to escape the work sphere while remaining in the same place.

You can store a screen, a printer, files and office accessories there. The secretary desk offered by MON PETIT MEUBLE FRANÇAIS is innovative in its design and also in its functionality. The flap hinges differ from the usual compass and allow you to use the entire surface of the flap door.

You can choose to arrange the niche as you wish with or without columns and storage shelves. To house a large screen at the bottom of the niche, remove the storage and keep them if you work on a laptop or with a separate smaller screen.

Cable passages are provided between the levels and at the rear of the secretary desk. The vertical interior separation behind the bottom doors is centered by default in the middle of the width but can be moved to the left or right depending on the dimensions of the device you wish to install there.

Customize your secretary desk and make it beautiful

Large high-end design secretary desk, made in France

Choose your type of wood between ash and oak, then the desired width 90 cm /35.4" or 120 cm / 47.2" then your favorite color with the 11 color chips in the product sheet.

And if you want to combine oak with the colors shown on ash, that's possible too. And if you want a large 120 cm / 47.2" secretary in oak (and not ash), it's still possible. And if you wanted a color other than those offered on the site, it's always possiblen the counterype cost is of 140€. 

Finally, if you prefer a vintage style secretary, you can find one at Maison GONTIER, our sister brand.

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