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Design kitchen tables in solid wood
designed in Paris and craft made in the French regions

Our tables adapt to kitchen dimensions

Designer square wooden kitchen table, made in France

The kitchen has become a very convivial place in the house where we spend a lot of time preparing meals, storing dishes and utensils, but more and more time eating meals there: breakfast, teleworking breaks, lunch and dinner with family and where we also sometimes receive.

This is why Mon Petit Meuble Français has adapted the sizes of its dining tables by offering small dimensions for the kitchen. The round dining table starts with a diameter of 70 cm / 27.6", the square table with a top of 80 cm / 31.5" side and the dining table with a length of 120 cm / 47.2". If your kitchen requires a smaller footprint, tell us the size you want for your kitchen table and we will send you the corresponding quote for your custom furniture.

Customize your kitchen table for a personalized atmosphere

These 3 tables are 100% solid wood from France from sustainably managed certified forests. You can personalize them by choosing the color you like best from the 11 standard colors offered. You can also choose a “natural” table without any color at all. Just tell us when ordering.

If you wish to match your table to a wall or floor, tell us the reference of the desired color or shade. We will make the corresponding copy and send it to you for validation (+140€ incl. tax)

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