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Design tables and sideboards furniture for the dining room
designed in Paris, craft made in the French regions

Are these pieces for your kitchen or your living room ? 

The answer will depend on the surface area you have in these 2 rooms and the style you want to give them. The ÉGÉE collection designed by Eric Gizard is suitable for small and large rooms. You can choose a sideboard or a table from 80 cm for your kitchen. For the dining room, you will find in this same collection magnificent 220 cm long sideboards or unfolded tables with their 2 300 cm extensions! you will also have a very large choice of other dimensions in the drop-down menus of the item sheets with the objective that your designer furniture fits perfectly into your room to be furnished. If you want a dimension that is not listed, contact us, we will be happy to study with you the "ideal" furniture adapted to your environment.

The STELLA collection by designer Christophe Lecomte is clearly intended for the dining room. Straight lines with curves on handles and drawers require large dimensions for a very chic and majestic final aesthetic.

Advantages of buying made to order furniture pieces

Living room furniture in wood: sideboard and table

The very advanced customization that Mon Petit Meuble Français offers you is possible thanks to manufacturing and/or finishing to order carried out exclusively locally. “Made in France” has a cost but allows you to be flexible to meet the customer’s needs as closely as possible. Our wooden furniture is unique and we never depend on the arrival of a container, the deadlines of a ship or batches to be completed from a manufacturer from the other side of the world.

The French cabinetmakers that we select offer great flexibility and care in manufacturing which allows us to extend our commercial guarantee up to 3 years thanks to the quality of their work.

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