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hand-operated wood planer

All our pieces are craft made in the French regions

French craftsmanship has played a key role in French history and remains very present in French territories. The workshops that manufacture and finish Mon Petit Meuble Français furniture pieces are located in west of France in the states of Île-et-Vilaine, Manche and Mayenne. They have been carefully chosen for their excellence.

solid wood furniture colored table feet

quality and expertise

The cabinetmakers and finishers selected for the manufacture and finishing of our models are experts in their field. We are proud to showcase the high-end quality of their work through our furniture.

drill bits


With manufacturing individually or in very small series, craftsmanship also allows you to personalize your finishes or create high-quality custom furniture.

hand sanding


these workshops are less than 30 minutes from our showroom. We know each workshop. Exchanges are daily and each order is processed and tracked separately.

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