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Design stools in solid wood
designed in Paris and craft made in the French regions

Stools 100% in solid wood from sustainable French forests

Very practical, the stool can be used in many rooms in the house: entrance, bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc...

You can use it as an end table in the living room, a regular stool around the kitchen table or a complementary seat for the dining room table. It will allow you to change shoes quickly or store your keys and phone. It can be transformed into a bedside table to put a book or install a lamp. Very space-saving and also comfortable in so many different uses, there should be at least 10 stools per house!

Our stools are ecological, made from solid ash from sustainably managed and PEFC certified French forests. You will be able to check upon delivery that you receive between 5 and 10 kg, depending on the "real wood" model. The round stools and the square stools where the wood grain is visible on the top are 100% solid wood. The lacquered square stools have an MDF panel seat because the wooden top is not essential as it is covered in a color.

The cost of home transport in the piece and by appointment encourages us to favor the sale of a set of 2 pieces. If you wish to order an odd number of stools, contact us for a suitable quote taking into account specific transport.

Our designer stools are unique

Design wooden stool

Eric Gizard imagined for these stools and for his ÉGÉE collection in general to be able to choose between several dimensions and several colors. You have the option of buying a stool with a standard seat of 35 cm side or diameter or a wide seat of 40 cm!

The clean Scandinavian design designed by Eric is very pleasing to the eye and will remain beautiful and timeless.

*For the touch of color of the so-called "short pants" finish, you can browse the 11 colors offered by clicking on the color dots on the product sheet. If you do not want a touch of color and prefer an "all natural wood" finish, specify this when placing your order in the "add a remark" section of the basket or contact us.

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