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The Scandinavian design furniture

Updated: Feb 27

Wood is the star material for designing furniture in the Scandinavian spirit. This style is very close to nature and is often designed with light colors but sometimes with patterns and touches of color. The functionality of the furniture is integrated into the designer's thinking from the very beginning; it is an essential criterion for a real successful Scandinavian furniture. This reflection leads to the creation of more and more multifunctional furniture also called nomadic like the ones you will discover on Mon Petit Meuble Français website.

Design coffee table in solid wood by designer Eric Gizard

Scandinavian Design is an aesthetic trend born in the northern countries, mainly Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Several key factors have shaped the Scandinavian Design, many of which are related to the environmental conditions of these countries. This design is very inspired by nature, through forms, materials or ornamental patterns and has been very successful for several years in furniture but also in lighting and interior design. From the 1930s onwards, the first successful pieces of furniture signed by designers such as Alvar Aalto, Jean Prouvé, Finn Juhl, Kaare Klint, Charles Eames and Hans Wegner appeared. Since 2010, a new breath of fresh air is animating this trend with many new creations of furniture and accessories by the duo GamFratesi, Jasper Morrison, Bjarke Ingels and French designers like the brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Margaux Keller or Eric Gizard.

The French trend perpetuates the Scandinavian tradition with a pure design, clear solid woods but also appropriates this style and brings its personal touch. Thus, the finishes of the furniture can have colors that are sharper, more muted or more diverse than the Nordic codes more pale. These brighter colors, these blues of the sea lend themselves better to the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. The section of the legs, more angular, is no longer conical but cubic with an increased robustness for the imposing pieces of furniture like tables, sideboards or secretaries. These slight changes influence the user's perception and contribute to a more southern atmosphere in the bedroom, living room or office for a home more in line with the art of living in Western Europe and on the coast. The pure design, beautiful in its timeless simplicity, remains as a guarantee of this Scandinavian design. This new alliance gave birth to the "south scandinavian design" used in all the furniture of the ÉGÉE collection.

blue 2-door 3-drawer design sideboard by designer Eric Gizard, Paris


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