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The battle between chiffoniers and chests of drawers: a duel of design and practicality

In the world of furniture, a discreet but important competition pits two often unsung heroes against each other: chiffoniers and drawers' chests.

These two pieces of furniture, although related in their storage function, stand out for their distinct features and unique designs.

Chiffoniers vs commodes: the duel of aesthetics

The elegant, slender chiffoniers evoke the charm of Scandinavian design, with their vertical silhouette and clean lines. Designed by the talented Éric Gizard in Paris, these guardians of storage are handcrafted from solid ash in workshops in western France. By contrast, the chests of drawers, another fruit of Gizard's imagination, embody the same aesthetic finesse, while offering a more imposing presence with their format, wider than they are.

 Éric Gizard furniture designer in Paris
Éric Gizard

Customization galore: create a piece of furniture that reflects your personality

At Mon Petit Meuble Français, customization is king. With a palette of 11 standard colors and the possibility of creating custom pieces, every piece of furniture can be adapted to fit perfectly into your living space. Whether you prefer a chiffonier that's taller and less wide, or a chest of drawers that's wider and less tall, the options are endless to create a piece of furniture that suits your needs and tastes.
11 colots to personalize every piece of furniture

An uncompromising practicality is everyday comfort

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Mon Petit Meuble Français's chiffoniers and chests of drawers are designed to simplify your daily life. Push-and-release drawer runners provide easy access to your belongings, while adjustable leg heights ensure optimum comfort when opening drawers. It's a harmonious fusion of form and function, where design meets practicality to create pieces that combine style and convenience. The chiffonier comes standard on our site with 4 drawers, but we can also offer 5 and 6 drawers. In this case, the chiffonier becomes a weekly chest, contact us

Dressers ? Chest of drawers? Mon Petit Meuble Français has something for everyone!

One thing is clear: with Mon Petit Meuble Français, you're sure to find the ideal storage companion for your home.

Combining aesthetics, personalization and practicality, these pieces of furniture transcend their simple function to become true centerpieces of your interior.

Our selection of wooden chiffoniers and commodes - Scandinavian design


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