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Being able to customize your furniture is a real luxury advantage

Everyone dreams of buying THE piece of furniture that perfectly matches the decor of the room in which it is to be installed. Nothing is more chic and satisfying than when our newly-arrived piece of furniture blends in perfectly with the surrounding ambience already in place... because we've usually already chosen our walls, floors and sometimes even decor before the furniture.

Personalization is also, and above all, about color

The criteria for choosing a piece of furniture are most often its style, shape, proportions and dimensions, but also its finish and therefore its colors. It's a shame not to be able to buy a piece of furniture you like simply because the color isn't right.

That's why, for the ÉGÉE collection, Mon Petit Meuble Français is offering 11 beautiful and different muted colors specially chosen by Éric Gizard, a famous Parisian designer renowned for his confident, avant-garde taste. These colors have been developed especially for this collection with our lacquer supplier. Matte black is also offered on certain pieces of furniture, such as the KUBE secretary in oak and the rectangular oak table.

furniture customization with 11 different colors by Mon Petit Meuble Français

Warm colors such as pluduno red, ruca tobacco and lunar yellow will awaken your interior, attract the eye and often go well with dark parquet floors and/or a warm decoration.

Our 4 blues and lancieux green are soft, evoking nature, the seaside and the sky. They will be a pleasant reminder of outdoor colors and create freshness and softness.

More neutral colors such as balisson white and 2 grays go everywhere, reinforcing the Scandinavian feel of the furniture and adding a touch of purity and charm to your interior.

Furniture: a discreet ally in your decoration process for a successful ambience

While walls and floors are often the key to creating a harmonious interior, decorative accessories sometimes play a decisive role in the final ambience.

Especially when walls, woodwork and floors are fairly neutral, accessories become the personal touch that energizes the room.

Here, the tobacco-colored ruca bedspread was chosen in tones close to those of the plaid, cushion and mirror, for a comforting, cocooning effect.

In this living room, the square coffee table and oval console table in lancieux green are the perfect complement to the green-toned decor initiated by the sofa cushion, vase and bouquet.

The ÉGÉE collection adopts a rather rare finish, long and complicated to apply, known as "short pants". Color is applied only from the waist to the knees. This requires very precise work to mask areas of wood stain during color application...not to mention the oblique application on the feet!

This finish achieves a double "decor + floor" effect, with a wood tint on the feet that matches the parquet.

This sofa back, with its "culottes courtes" finish, blends perfectly with the parquet floor and sofa.

Taking up the main tones of a room and not spreading colors too thinly makes the room pleasant to live in and restful to the eye.

Achieving an ambiance with more than 3-4 strong main colors (other than neutral and "charm" colors) requires talent, decorating knowledge and strong creativity.

In the end, color remains a matter of taste, and finding different color combinations in every interior is a discovery and sometimes a wonder!

Why can't customizable furniture be found everywhere?

Mon Petit Meuble Français is able to offer this high level of personalization thanks to the artisanal finishing process we have adopted. Each piece of furniture is finished in France, locally, by the unit and only to order.

This manufacturing model is resource-efficient, means no containers waiting in ports or on semi-trailers, and offers remarkable flexibility for our customers.

On the other hand, shipping time is longer than with "standard" furniture, available within 24 hours. This explains the minimum lead time of 3 weeks before shipment for almost all our furniture.

Is customizing a piece of furniture "worth" those 3 to 5 weeks? We think so, but that's our humble opinion.

I hesitate between 2 or 3 colors before buying my furniture online.

Tell us which colors you'd like to receive, along with your full name and contact details. We'll send you the wood samples so you can see them in daylight and compare them with your walls, floors, furniture and decorative accessories.

Up to 3 samples are sent free of charge.

Your favorite color isn't one of those on offer. What can you do?

Send us a color chart reference, such as the best-known RAL, PANTONE or Farrow & Ball charts. Send us a piece of fabric (10 x 10 cm), a wood sample (10 x 10 cm), a photo or any other material you have, and we'll arrange for our lacquer supplier to produce the countertype. The extra charge is 140 € ttc and you'll receive a wood sample for validation before your furniture is finished.



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