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Which desk for efficient, sustainable teleworking?

Setting up your own home office is a real issue these days, with the development of the workplace. This new type of working at home was considered temporary during the COVID pandemic, but is now becoming permanent for many of us, on several days a week.

The space you have at home to work is the first criterion to consider before choosing your table. The second criterion may be the equipment you need to use, and the third will focus more on the weekly frequency of teleworking.

We won't be dealing here with secretaries who require more space, but can accommodate a large screen and printer. In this article, we'll confine ourselves to desks as writing tables that can be used for work, but also for a different purpose when the working day is over. The budget is smaller, and so is the volume.

What shape of table should I choose: rectangular, square or oval?

Mon Petit Meuble Français offers 3 desk shapes, all designed by Parisian designer Éric Gizard. The choice of shape is first and foremost a question of aesthetics, then of space in the home. The oval desk offers a softer contour and will appeal in interiors of the same type. The rectangular desk, with its double belt, is the most streamlined, and the length of the top makes for a very pretty look. Finally, the square desk is more opulent, with the option of moving the screen back or storing files at the back of the top.

This oval desk is an elegant addition to any charming interior. The warm tones of the table work well with the dark colors of the floor, making the desk stand out against the white wall.

This oval console has an almost invisible drawer in the waistband. It is made of 100% white ash with a "short-panty" finish where the color is applied from the waistband to the knees.

This square desk blends into the decor of the room, complementing the natural ambience created by the plant.

Its depth will allow you to install your office accessories or files.

The drawer holds a small laptop.

It's also 100% white ash, with a "short pants" finish where the color is applied from the waistband to the knees.

This rectangular desk is ideal, giving an impression of finesse and purity, especially with its white finish. It comes in 2 standard depths of 45 cm and 60 cm, depending on your needs and the dimensions of your computer and screen.

100% solid white ash, it is also finished with a white lacquer for the typical "short pants" finish of the ÉGÉE collection, where color is applied from the waistband to the knees.

Can I adapt my desk to my available space?

The answer is yes, Mon Petit Meuble Français offers a wide range of standard lengths for each desk.

Oval desks are available in 12 lengths, from 70 cm / 27.6" to 140 cm / 55.1", with a 45 cm / 17.7" or 60 cm / 23.6" wide top. This desk gives you better circulation around the desk.

Square desks have 7 top sizes, from 80 cm / 31.5" 140 cm / 55.1" square. These dimensions make them not only a desk, but also a beautiful table for everyday use. With 140 cm / 55.1" sides, you can accommodate 8 guests for meals. You can even add a 40 cm / 15.7" extension from 110 cm / 43.3" and 2 extensions from 130 cm / 51.2" to turn it into a rectangular table and seat 12-14 people.

Rectangular desks come in 6 different lengths from 80 cm / 31.5" to 180 cm / 70.9" and 2 standard depths of 45 cm / 17.7" and 60 cm / 23.6".

How difficult is it to maintain a solid wood desk?

Absolutely not, each desk is finished in 3 coats. The final coat is a colorless protective varnish. For daily maintenance, simply wipe with a cloth. In the event of a dried stain (coffee, soda, wine...), dampen the cloth or sponge with lukewarm water and the stain will disappear. Solid wood is a durable material that will age very well in your interior. It's a living material, so avoid exposing it too directly to sources of high heat or excessive, long-lasting humidity to prevent the fibers from shrinking or expanding too much.

What's the right budget for a beautiful handcrafted solid wood desk?

Mon Petit Meuble Français offers desks from 975€ ttc to 2.540€ depending on shape, size and number of extensions.

All our furniture is 100% made in France. Office tables are made exclusively from solid white ash from sustainably-managed French forests.

Our furniture is designed by renowned designers and made to order to avoid wasting resources and offer our customers the greatest possible customization.

All our furniture is delivered assembled for added strength and durability, so you don't have to waste time at home when you receive it.

You'll feel the craftsmanship quality of your desk from the moment it arrives. We're proud to offer only top-of-the-range furniture, a testament to the French know-how still present in our country. Last but not least, we offer you the possibility of having your desk made to measure, even if you only order one.

Discover other more traditional offices

If you prefer a more traditional style, you'll find our sister brand Maison GONTIER's website offers other desks with a more classic design. Quality and delivery terms are identical.



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