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A console table is the ideal piece of furniture for a home with discreet, refined chic!

The console is a practical and elegant piece of furniture that can be used in any room of your home. Whether you're looking to add a little extra storage space or simply create a focal point in a room, a console can be the ideal solution.

Console in hallway

The console is a common choice for entrance areas, as it offers an immediately accessible and practical place to put keys, handbags and other everyday belongings. It can also be used to showcase decorative objects such as vases, photo frames and knick-knacks, to immediately set the mood of the home and bring a smile to the face.

Console in the living room

A console can be used to divide a large living room into two distinct zones, as an entertainment area and a reading room.

It is also most often used to display decorative objects, books, sculptures or, of course, your most prized bouquets against walls and adding a personalized touch to the main room.

Console in the bedroom

A console in the bedroom can be used as a dressing table for getting ready, as well as for storing phones and tablets. It can also be used as a TV stand.

Console in the bathroom

A console can be used as additional storage for toiletries and towels. It can also be used as a support for a built-in sink to add a touch of style to your bathroom.

Console in the kitchen

A console can be used as a chic, sturdy dining table for 1 or 2 people, placed along a wall or in the middle of the kitchen.

Console in the home office

A console can be used to decorate the office room, to place printers and files, to display books or inspiring photos, or as a desk when you work from home on a regular basis. Mon Petit Meuble Français offers 2 depths to suit your screen sizes.

oval console desk in solid wood
oval desk in solid wood with a console table

Choosing your console: design and wood, naturally!

Wood and designer consoles are aesthetic pieces of furniture that bring a touch of elegance and warmth to any interior.

The combination of solid wood and design offered by Mon Petit Meuble Français results in consoles that are pleasing to the eye and that you'll never tire of. Solid wood is durable, so you can enjoy your furniture for years to come. These consoles are made to last!

Scandinavian-design consoles like those offered on our site require a light, soft wood. Ash, sourced in France, perfectly matches these characteristics with its 2 species: the slightly gray olive ash and the more expensive white ash, which offers beautiful grain and an ideal shade. It enhances the color contrast offered by the ÉGÉE collection, between the light wood shade and the colors applied to the furniture's waistband and leg tops.

Wood can also be combined with other materials: metal, glass, leather or stone. Combining wood with these materials will give the console a more industrial, modern or refined style. The warmth of wood will then be reinforced or diminished by the second material chosen.

Personalize your console as you wish.

You can choose 11 colors to match your walls, floor or existing furniture and modify the dimensions to suit the space available in your room lengthwise.

The height can also be adapted according to the function you wish to give it. A height of 75 cm / 29.5" to 77 cm / 30.3" is ideal for working, while a height of 90 cm / 35.4" is more suitable for displaying objects. Finally, a 110 cm / 43.3" high console can be used as a stand-up table, or to enjoy a drink without sitting down.

"Mon petit meuble français" console selection

At Mon petit meuble français, we're proud to offer this high level of customization for all our furniture, including consoles. We offer two heights, 75 cm / 29.5" and 90 cm / 30.3", as standard, and can produce a 110 cm / 43.3" console on request. Twelve different lengths are offered as standard, from 70 cm / 27.6" to 180 cm / 70.9".

Last but not least, a palette of eleven standard colors is available, with beautiful, muted and trendy colors chosen and developed by Eric Gizard.

For other, more classically designed consoles in oak and cherry, you can consult our sister brand GONTIER's models in Louis Philippe, Louis XVI Directoire or contemporary modern styles.

Finally, if you have specific requirements in terms of dimensions and colors, we are able to modify the 3 dimensions of existing pieces, or create custom-made consoles for you.


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