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TV stands from sleek benches to multifunctional storage units : what is the right choice for your TV?

These days, TV stands are no longer limited to simply holding your TV. They have evolved to offer, for those who want it, additional features that bring convenience and organization to your entertainment space.

2-sliding door TV stand KUBE in wood - 11 colors

Smart, clever storage solutions

detail of 2 sliding doors for a TV stand by Mon Petit Meuble Français

Modern TV stands are designed with smart storage to help you keep your entertainment space organized and clutter-free. From concealed drawers to adjustable shelves, these storage solutions let you store your DVDs, games, remote controls and many other essential accessories. Now you can say goodbye to messy wires and scattered items, and still have everything within easy reach when you need it!

Specific equipment for electronic devices

2-door TV unit with shelves - 11 colors available

One of the most practical aspects of multifunctional TV cabinets is the space they provide for your electronic devices.

Sliding doors let the airwaves pass through when your devices are in use, and hide their front screens, which add unnecessary visual pollution to your living room. Whatever the height of your game console, DVD player or set-top box, you can adjust the required height by positioning your cleats at the desired shelf height. Finally, there are cleverly designed cable openings at the back of the unit.

So you can easily connect your appliances while keeping wires neatly organized and concealed. No more tangled cables or hassles when adding or removing a device!

Versatile and flexible

TV bench in solid wood ÉGÉE, 11 colors

From wonderfully simple solid wood benches that can also be used as TV stands, to multifunctional TV stands with 1 or 2 sliding doors, the ÉGÉE collection is designed to meet today's needs. They offer remarkable quality of workmanship and finish. Made to order, they don't waste natural resources. The TV support bench can be used also as a coffee table, bed end or sofa back, and is the perfect example of a nomadic piece of furniture that also saves resources; buy less but better.


At Mon Petit Meuble Français, we encourage you to choose the design you like and the colors that appeal to you, while checking the dimensions of the furniture in relation to your TV and your room. For each piece of furniture, you can choose from 11 standard colors, or ask us for specific colors to match. Each piece of furniture is available in a wide range of sizes to meet your specific interior requirements. In this way, you can benefit from a customized TV cabinet that meets your needs and tastes.

Should you require any dimensional modifications or non-standard colors, we'll be delighted to work with you to produce a corresponding quotation and build a 100% made-to-measure piece of furniture.

All our pieces of furniture are made in France. The solid wood is sourced exclusively from French sustainably managed forests. Our furniture is manufactured with the utmost attention to quality and finish, in our French workshops, located in Mayenne.

Modern or classic tv stand : we have wooden pieces for every taste!

Modern TV stands are often characterized by clean lines, contemporary materials and matte finishes in muted colors. They're perfect for Scandinavian design enthusiasts who love minimalist, elegant and bold design. Designer furniture goes perfectly with contemporary interiors and spaces looking for a modern, on-trend aesthetic.

On the other hand, classic-style TV furniture has interestingly different lines inspired by French historical styles such as Louis Philippe, Louis XVI and "campagne-chic" inspired by French history. The lines are sometimes curved. The materials used focus almost exclusively on solid wood. Remarkable cabinetwork is also featured. The finishes adapted to these styles are warm and enhance the beauty of the typically French wood species of oak and cherry. These TV stands will bring a more traditional and refined touch to your home. Classic TV furniture adds that original touch of elegance to your living room, bedroom or formal living room.

If you prefer this more traditional style for your TV or hi-fi furniture, you'll be pleased to know that our sister brand, Maison Gontier, offers a selection of furniture to match. You'll find a wide range of TV and hi-fi furniture in different styles, from Louis Philippe to extra contemporary designer pieces of the finest craftsmanship.

Maison Gontier shares the same values of quality and excellence as Mon Petit Meuble Français, and you'll find TV and hi-fi furniture made with care and attention to detail. What's more, delivery conditions are identical, guaranteeing safe and reliable delivery of your furniture.

Whether you opt for a designer or classic hi-fi TV stand, we do our utmost to offer you high-quality, durable and aesthetically very pleasing products.


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