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Introducing an attractive brand of French wooden blinds and curtains

And why a "share our values" category for our blog in the first place?

Quite simply, because there are still some lovely, high-quality, artisanal companies in the French furniture and decoration sector, and we think it's our role to help you discover these colleagues who are working along the same lines as Mon Petit Meuble Français.

And to inaugurate this new blog category, Mon Petit Meuble Français is pleased to feature the site in this post. Our 2 brands share a number of specific characteristics, the first of which is to perpetuate and develop French know-how in a globalized world where the majority of sourcing comes from distant and often "low-cost" countries.

logo de la société Stores & Rideaux

The story of

The company was founded in 1978 by Mrs. Thérèse Billy in the heart of the Eure-et-Loir region (28), between Chartres and Orléans.

Today, 100% of the company's production (from design and manufacturing to packaging and customer service management) takes place at the historic Nottonville site.

Initially specializing in the manufacture of blinds and curtains for businesses and local authorities, the company turned to digital production in 2008, in response to the financial crisis.

In 2011, the current website was launched, aimed at private customers. Today, this traditional SME has become France's leading e-commerce site in this market, and has equipped over 1.5 million windows.

A practical ecological policy is also committed to protecting the environment on a daily basis, recycling its wood offcuts and choosing to source its wood from sustainably managed forests (lime and abachi, for example).

Customization and personalization at heart

The similarities continue, with a high degree of product customization possible on both websites.

Mon Petit Meuble Français offers 11 possible colors and often dozens of possible sizes. You can also choose the dimensions of your blinds at, as well as your colors, braids, type and side of order, and mounting bracket. This site even offers a no-drill option for even simpler installation.

stores vénitiens en bois

Wood blinds for wooden furniture

Product complementarity is also important, as solid wood furniture is not particularly fond of direct exposure to UV rays and excessive heat.

Wood is a living material, and its fibers shrink in high heat and expand in high humidity. Blinds and curtains regulate heat and light, and protect your furniture from extreme situations.

Harmonious and complementary products

Aesthetically, Venetian blinds and wood blinds from will go very well with our furniture, especially if you choose a light wood with limewood Venetian blinds.

Thanks to horizontal slats that can be tilted 180 degrees, you can modulate the light to suit your needs, protect yourself from the sun's glare and avoid sun damage to the furniture's protective varnish.

Easy to install, slat blinds blend harmoniously into any interior and any room, especially a dining room or living room.

The combination of our solid wood design furniture with the blinds and curtains offered by will enable you to create an atmosphere that is both modern and timeless, where each element will contribute to embellishing the room by matching materials and colors.

Don't hesitate to discover in particular:

- Venetian blinds in basswood to match our solid wood furniture

- anti-heat blinds to reduce the effects of excessive temperatures on furniture

- made-to-measure curtains for elegant window dressing.

stores en bois sur mesure

The contribution of e-commerce

As points out on its website, e-commerce protects Made in France and preserves incomparable local know-how.

Our 2 companies provide a 5* service to answer all their customers' questions by phone and e-mail.

Each order is followed up personally with strict quality control, and we don't hide behind the website. People and IT can work together very professionally.

If you haven't already discovered their site, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the choice and possibilities of made-to-measure solutions on offer !


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