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Pleasant, design and tidy bedroom furniture in wood
designed in Paris and craft made in the French regions

Is your bedroom only a bed and a storage space?

A bedroom is usually furnished in 2 distinct areas: the bed area and the storage area. Mon Petit Meuble Français offers bedside cabinets, bedside tables and end tables to arrange around the bed, as well as small dressers with doors and drawers to store your belongings. These half-chest of drawers, half-buffets are particularly suitable for storing underwear and clothing accessories. 

But often, the bedroom is more than just a functional room, it's a place to rejuvenate body and mind, a place where personal tastes can express themselves. In fact, it's often the most personal room in the home.

On this page, you'll find design furniture that's easy on the eye, solid and durable wood furniture made 100% in France, eco-friendly with solid wood from PEFC-certified sustainably-managed forests, and customizable to take maximum account of your tastes and space constraints.

How to customize your bedroom furniture

Design furniture for the bedroom: bedsides tables and storage units in wood

The bedside cabinets all have an integrated drawer and are available in 2 tray sizes, 35 and 40 cm, to suit your sleeping habits: with or without a book, with or without a telephone, smartphone or tablet, and with or without a bedside lamp. The wardrobes are available in 3 door versions. The model without a door lets you store and contemplate your precious knick-knacks, books or objets d'art.  The 1-door model allows full opening with a single "push-release" opening, but requires a space of 86 cm to open completely. The 2-door model is very aesthetic and requires only 43 cm for the door to open fully.

Chests of drawers are available as large 3-drawer models or as mini-dresses with 3 small drawers + 1 door, from 80 cm wide.

Finally, small 2-door closed cabinets complete the storage range, available in 80 and 100 cm.

For each model, you can choose from 11 colors, which can be viewed by clicking on the colored dots on the product sheet. 

And if your ideal piece of bedroom furniture isn't shown on this page, we'll be happy to work with you on modifications or designs.

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